Located in the heart of Burleigh Heads, The Jewellery Studio is home to master jeweller Suzie Porsha.

An extensive range of high quality rings, earrings, pendants and more are on display.

If custom jewellery is your preference, Suzie has over 30 years experience in designing and producing stunning custom pieces in platinum, 9ct and 18ct white, yellow, or rose gold, as well as silver.

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About Suzie

Suzie grew up on the sapphire mining fields of North West Queensland where her father was a professional sapphire miner.

Developing an early appreciation of fine gems, Suzie soon pursued an apprenticeship as a jeweller.

Over the years Suzie's natural affinity with design, precious gems and metals has seen her develop long-standing relationships with clients who appreciate her unique skills and talents as a manufacturing jeweller.

Having operated studios in a number of locations, today Suzie calls Burleigh Heads home.

About Suzie
  • Custom Remodelling & Repairs

    Do you have sentimental jewellery that you never wear? Suzie can remodel, modernise or create a stunning new piece from your original jewellery. Work directly with Suzie to realise your own ideas, or allow her to design and create a beautiful piece you’ll cherish forever. Whether your dream is to bring new life to an older piece or create a single treasure from multiple pieces, visit the Jewellery Studio today to talk ideas. Old memories created new.

  • Traditional Methods

    Unlike many modern jewellers who utilise computer aided design (CAD), all pieces from the Jewellery Studio are handcrafted in-house by Suzie using traditional methods.

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